Hosting Providers


Face the challenges...


  • Successful compromise of hosted machines affect your reputation
  • Targeted DDoS attacks clog access bandwidth


  • Predict impact of hosting new applications
  • Predict impact of hosting new customers
  • Optimize your cloud avoiding over-dimensioning


  • Lack of network availability and low performances will disrupt your reputation

bad performances immediately impact your customers' business


... deploy modular solutions...

Anomaly Detection, Attack Emulation

  • Detect infected hosted machines
  • Stress tests with realistic attack traffic
  • Multi-Gbit test speeds without dedicated hardware

Application level testing

  • Test application level QoS, QoE before hosting new critical applications

Non Intrusive Application discovery and monitoring

  • Control the QoS, QoE of your hosted critical applications
  • Control SLAs per customer and per application class

BGP routing optimization

  • Measure your BGP multi-homing performances 24/7
  • Real time correction of non optimal BGP routing decisions


...turn challenges into benefits!

secure the cloud

  • Encourage migration to the cloud
  • Offer Security as a Service

Plan a differentiated offer

  • Offer fine tuned Service Level Agreements to your customer
  • Reduce BGP transit costs keeping optimal performances
  • Plan BGP routing changes with measurement support

Performance increase

  • Use BGP multi-homing for performance enhancement, not just for redundancy
  • Control the QoS of the different SLAs you offer