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Network Security

When attacks, intrusion attempts and hosts infections happen, the network traffic characteristics always vary; despite intruders’ attempts of remaining stealthy, with adequate methodologies it is always possible to discover malicious activities

Our solutions provide this detection functionality, bringing our customers a fundamental line of defense, complementing ordinary network firewalls and host antiviruses

Network Planning

Modern network planning must be measurement based and application aware. Service and Hosting Providers must detect the adoption of new applications or terminals. Enterprise network managers must quickly introduce new business applications. Ad-hoc measurement campaigns for planning are not practical

Our solutions guarantee a continuous, non-intrusive collection of traffic data, pre-processing them according to the customers’ needs, with easy access to long historic series

Network performance

Quickly solving network related problems affecting application QoS requires identifying applications traffic, having historic data to compare the situation before and during the malfunctioning, automatically detecting performance changes even before the users complain

Our solutions constantly measure network traffic and performances, promptly signalling QoS degradation and taking automatic corrective actions whenever possible