Talaia successfully installed innovative extrusion detection solution at ProbaYes

(Grenoble) – Talaia successfully completed on April 23rd 2015 the proof of concept installation at ProbaYes, a company based in the Grenoble area (France) and member of the Inovallée consortium. ProbaYes core business is related to Big Data and they always keep a proactive eye to any innovative solution that can help to safeguard and protect their data. “Generally we are called to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. In this case very wisely the Inovallée consortium provided the introduction to companies like ProbaYes that take very seriously and proactively the protection of sensible company data and wanted to test the cutting edge solutions Talaia has in its portfolio for this purpose,” said Maurizio Molina, CTO of Talaia Solutions. “We are delighted to have successfully deployed our solution at ProbaYes and hope to extend soon to all members of Inovallée consortium this opportunity.”