BLoware complements the traditional digital security defences by inspecting the systems’ behaviours and their outgoing traffic: no Malaware can remain undetected using this approach!

BLoware is a cloud service tailored to Small and Medium Enterprises, who can benefit from a powerful centralised Anti-Malware system. Key advantages are:

  • Data collection at Customers’ is lightweight (requires around 1% of existing bandwidth)
  • Data collection is and respectful of the Customer’s privacy (no traffic content is inspected or sent in the cloud)
  • The Centralised Anti-Malware system has a large database of Malware Hosts which is continuously validated and updated every 60 minutes
  • Machine Learning algorithms and Heuristics complement the anti Malware Database and contribute to the best possible Malware Detection with the lowest possible false positives level


MTD (Malware Threat Defender) detects Malware and insider security threaths, protecting organizations from sensitive data theft and reputational damage. Main characteristics are:

  • Requires NetFlow/IPFIX data feeds only (more lightweight than DPI based Malware Identification Engines and respectful of users’ privacy)
  • Focus on outgoing traffic (normally much less than incoming traffic)
  • Malware Identification algorithms derived from automatic processing of millions of malware samples
  • Classification of Malware per severity and category (e.g. Trojans, Worms, Backdoors, Botnets, Rootkits, Adware)
  • All information at hand to remove Malware form infected systems

MTD completes the security coverage offered byAntiViruses and FireWallsup to 100%.  AntiViruses can only detect about 40-80% of files with Malware, but 100% of the Malware, when trying to harm, produces traffic patterns that MTD can identify



SmarTIE  is a distributed network monitoring platform, useful to control the QoS of all applications and guarantee the best support for the mission critical ones . Main characteristics are:

  • Non-Intrusive, detailed classification of network traffic into applications
  • Granular measurements of QoS (per user, per application)
  • Flexible views of network traffic (per application, per subnetwork, per top users, and combination of them)
  • Identification of abnormal traffic
  • Deploy-able on appliances or Virtual Machines

SmarTIE is a solution to monitor the status of large scale, complex networks, that can nevertheless reach the level of granularity of monitoring the QoS of single users and application flows



DITGBox is a solution for high speed testing of network equipment and infrastructures,  capable of emulating realistic applications workloads. Main characteristics are:

  • Based on commodity Hardware only
  • Up to 100Gbit/s form a 2U form factor server
  • Three traffic generation ways: real trace replication, real trace modification, custom generation with vast application library
  • Flexible GUI for configuring tests and analysisng results
  • Full Stack traversal and state maintenance
  • Loopback tests (One BOX as sender and receiver) or two BOXes tests

DITGBox is a flexible, cost effective traffic generator, equally usable for high speed stress tests, DDoS emulation, and for tests where stateful generators are required (e.g. stateful firewalls tests)



FlowGuard is a solution to keep under control the performances and security of data centers and enterprise networks. Main characteristics are:

  • based on NetFlow or sFlow data
  • drill down view into LAN / WAN / DMZ traffic
  • identification of top users and applications
  • long historic access to collected data
  • automatic alarms on anomalous situations

FlowGuard is the ideal platform to control the status of an enterprise network, or of a whole data center. Futrthermore, its multi-tenant architecture allows offering network monitoring and security services to smaller enterprises not needing (or wanting) to run a dedicated FlowGuard instance