Data security and protection needs James Bond, not only a sheriff

Commenting the last data extrusion case regarding at least four million current and former government federal employees’ data, James Ball at the Guardian explained why Data Security needs James Bond when the target for criminals (and nation states alike) are the databases of big business or government, where thousands or millions of sensitive data records are stored.

The metaphor is indeed correct, because the data security is not only assured by building high walls and defensive systems but also by intelligence actions, which include understanding what are the IP addresses where the stolen data are sent when a breach in the wall has happened.

This kind of activity definitely requires James Bond (or actually more than one James Bonds) because tracking the suspicious IP address is an H24 activity. Talaia Solutions, together with its partners, has a H24 group of James Bonds in charge of investigating and sending this intelligence information to our malware threat defender solutions installed at the customer premises. These intelligence feeds are the only data exchanged with the outside world by our solutions, making them suitable for financial institutions or other customers very concerned about data transfers to/from their critical networks.

The protection is then assured by continuously checking if the information contained in the intelligence feeds matches the outgoing traffic, as extracted by Netflow/IPFIX data (NetFlow/IPFIX is a router’s protocol about the communication endpoints: payload inspection is avoided, which is very much appreciated by our more privacy-concerned customers!).

This story reminded me when a few weeks ago I met at a University network office the “security network guy”. He presented himself as the “sheriff of the network”. He told me that during the eight working hours he was regularly checking some specialized fora and if an alert about an IP address was launched, then manually check if any request to that addresses had been done from any machine in the network he was responsible for. To my question what would  happen when he was not there, he answered me that he would have been there the morning after. A sheriff is useful figure but for your company the data security needs James Bond. Call Talaia Solutions and have a chat with him!